Hey Cloudera & MapR: Open Data Platform is the Real Deal

This seems like great news!!!!  Too bad http://opendataplatform.org/ is down.  :-/  On the other hand, maybe that just gives it more open-source cred.  😉  No slick hype and marketing there!

This morning at the Hadoop Summit in Brussels, three big data crunching giants —Hortonworks, IBM and Pivotal Software — are making big news.

The three will announce that their Hadoop platforms are all standardized on identical versions of Apache Hadoop 2.6, as well as Apache Ambari, and available on the market. The aforementioned configuration is known as ODP.

Source: Hey Cloudera & MapR: Open Data Platform is the Real Deal


Foray into Hadoop with Hortonworks HDP

I embarked on an adventure to learn Hadoop and hit my first big snag.  Here’s my post on Hortonworks’s forum:


I decided to go with Hortonworks’s Hadoop distribution because they make all of their code open-source.