Chap scripts remote Linux takeover for sysadmins • The Register

Use this for good, not for evil. But not if you care about your penguins

Source: Chap scripts remote Linux takeover for sysadmins • The Register

This sounds amazing.  🙂  I have absolutely no use for it right now!  But the idea is extremely exciting.  My understanding is you can wipe and install an entire Linux system via SSH using this script.

What’s New in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

Windows 10’s second big update, dubbed the “Anniversary Update”, is finally here. This is a huge update that touches every corner of the operating system. It includes many, many more changes than the November update did.

Source: What’s New in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update

I finally did this update.

I’d attempted it a couple times but the odd behavior made me think it wasn’t working so I aborted it.  Also I unplugged all of my peripherals the final attempt, but I don’t know if that had anything to do with the update’s eventual success.

It seems like there isn’t a lot here for me since I really don’t like the prospect of integrating with other Microsoft services.  And I don’t trust Microsoft’s ability to integrate with Android, Google, or anything else in a way that I’d prefer.  So most of this new good stuff is, sadly, lost on me.  But if it runs better, faster, more stably, then great!

MongoDB Security Best Practices | MongoDB

MongoDB provides extensive security protections that are designed to keep your data safe, including backup and recovery. Here’s a reminder of our security best practices, and a list of relevant resources.

Source: MongoDB Security Best Practices | MongoDB

I’ll refrain from wondering aloud* why security is paid such little attention, even now, even here, even this late in the Internet age, etc., and just say that this seems like a notable article from MongoDB.

* Which I just did.

Fixing YouTube Stutter in Google Chrome; Awesome Extension Manager


I’ve been having stutters in YouTube for a while.  In troubleshooting it I discovered an extension manager that is awesome and so much better for this than anything I’ve found before: One Click Extension Manager -No Ads.  Two great things about it: 1) it offers a “Disable all extensions” option and 2) you just click an extension in the list to toggle its enablement.  Wonderful and easy!

In this particular case, it seems like uMatrix was causing the stutters.  Which is really unfortunate because it has been by far the most effective and powerful extension I’ve found for blocking HTTP requests, cookies, etc.  EXTREMELY granular and well designed interface.  Maybe I’ll just disable it when I want to watch video.